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WSAC offers specialized expertise and assistance to its members and their staff on a wide variety of programs and policy areas.  These programs are managed both in-house by WSAC staff members as well as by contract staff. 

Columbia River Program

The Columbia River program provides a forum for County Commissioners within the Columbia River Basin to interact, discuss, engage and partner with Washington State Department of Ecology in the implementation of the Columbia River Water Management Program.

Timber Counties Program

The WSAC Timber Program provides accurate information to county decision makers, and serves a liaison between the counties, the US Forest Service and the Washington Department of Natural Resources.

Puget Sound Partnership

The 2007 Legislature created a new state agency called the Puget Sound Partnership (Partnership) to develop a new strategy to focus and finish Puget Sound restoration by 2020. The Partnership replaces the previous Puget Sound Action Team, which was created in 1996 to oversee restoration of the environmental health of Puget Sound.

Coastal Caucus

Coastal Caucus provides a forum for the 14 Coastal Counties to interact, discuss, engage and recommend WSAC positions on issues relating to the waters of Puget Sound, Hood Canal and the Pacific Ocean.

Stormwater Permitting

A group of diverse stakeholders developed a set of recommendations for a regional approach to stormwater monitoring and for a pooled funding model. Elected county officials are asked to weigh in on the recommendations during the Department of Ecology's informal permitting comment period in May.

Transportation Performance Measure Project

The legislature directed the Washington State Association of Counties to develop a performance measurement program to assist county governments in improving the delivery of their transportation programs and projects.


IPRMT is now EZview an active web based tool developed by the Office of Regulatory Assistance (ORA) with help from the Washington State Associations of Counties and Cities to coordinate and support efficient environmental and regulatory decision-making for planning, public works, and transportation projects. For additional information on the key features of the tool visit www.ora.wa.gov and search for EZview.


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